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A Brief Bio

     I was born in a piss small town in Louisiana that no one has heard of. No really, there is no chance you’ve heard of it, and for good reason. Believe me; you do not want to go there. You’d think living in a small town in the middle of nowhere would be quaint and peaceful, wouldn’t ya? Well, as my granny used to say, that’s what ya get for thinking, and you’d best stop before you get yourself hurt. Anyhow, it was not a pleasant place to be. I won’t get into all the ways it sucked, just know that there were plenty, and my household was the center of all that hate and wrongness that you wouldn’t think possible of a town so small (again, that’s what ya get for thinking, yadda yadda). I guess part of the problem was that I’m not like the others in town. I’ve always been a bit of an outsider, not that I meant to be different. Of course, to those folks, it doesn’t matter what you mean, just what ya are, and a freak I was, yessir, no doubt about it. Some nonsense about speaking in tongues or whatnot.

     Well, I did what any smart person would do: I got outta there fast as I could. I ran to New York of all places. Figured that I’d hide better in a big city where no one had a chance of knowing me. I changed my name, too. What it used to be doesn’t matter. I left that girl behind in Louisiana, and now it’s just Ivey McClain, nice ta meetcha.
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